Saturday, July 9, 2016

please welcome and DT Call

I have to apologize that I didnt do this post earlier but life got ahead of me.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Dobroslava and Agnieszka from Team Mel. They wanted to go different ways and we wish them all the best.

But if you may have noticed we already have a new name on our Team

Meine Name ist Andrea und ich bin als "Dreja" im Netz unterwegs. Ich bin Mutter von 3 wundervollen Söhnen, von denen einer besonders ist, da er das Cri-du-Chat-Syndrom hat. Seit 8 Jahren bin ich ein sogenannter Cute-Stempler. Bei der Gestaltung meiner Karten wechsel ich sehr gern je nach Lust und Laune die Art und Weise, wie ich das tue. Außerdem habe ich eine Leidenschaft für Stanzformen und gestalte damit gern Szenen. Mein Blog:

for all non german speakers  ;)

Andrea is known as Dreja on the world wide web. She is the mom to 3 wonderful sons of which one has got the cri du chat syndrome. For 8 years she loves to do cute stamping but is a crafter for much longer. She loves to change her style like her mood drives her and she is very much into using all sorts of punches and creating scenes with those.

Feel free to visit her private blog to see more of her amazing work

while announcing this...we are aswell looking for at least one more creative person who would like to work with Team Mel.
Things we require are :
-need to be creative
- need to be able to work with sponsored digi stamps
-has to be able to provide a piece of art every 2 weeks 
- should be on facebook as that is where the team meets
- have your own blog preferably
- be able to comment on our entries

if all that sounds good to you...please send an "application" to Mel at

we collect all applications until july 31st

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